Brodeur Properties

“ Passion is what makes you alive and creative throughout the process, my passion for real estate made me acquire distressed properties and turn their value immensely”

Brodeur Properties is  a foremost opportunistic investor that spend in both private and public sectors. It has two main units : Real Estate and Private Equity. Norman Brodeur  is the president of Brodeur Properties and established the company with a purpose to produce out-sized returns with current income. Company follows a non- traditional business model and places the agents first, that has set a company culture and standard of real estate industry. It invests in a wide range of private equity deals with an emphasis on middle market companies.

We are a client focused company and our strategy is to sustain the constant connection with the purpose of developing value for real estate owners.

We are the experts of real estate in Manhattan and known for delivering unparalleled services to our clients

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